Front of House Systems

A range of Front of house systems to choose from
  • L’Acoustics Mira  system with BASSBOSS subwoofers
  • EAW KF650 with S528 double 18″ subwoofers
  • Meyer CQ2 with 650P double 18″ subwoofers
  • QSC K12.2 with single 18″ powered subwoofers
  • Bag End, QSC, Mackie systems in various configurations

Stage Monitors

  • EAW monitors
  • QSC powered monitors
  • JBL Powered monitors
  • BAG End monitors
  • Mackie Monitors


We have a variety of Industry standard microphones available for rental. Brands include Shure, Sennheiser and AKG

Wireless solutions are available

Bermuda’s Wireless band availability is tricky… BEFORE you purchase a system, give us a call… It will save you lots of grief – Bermuda does NOT mirror the US in band availability  

Mixing Consoles

We were the first AV company in Bermuda to go digital!! We have a large variety of consoles to suit your every need…

​Brand names include

  • Yamaha
  • QSC
  • Soundcraft
  • Behringer